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Schools, Universities & Institutional Contracts

We will provide:

-A written analysis of your current purchasing practices
-A written plan of action to correct and tighten buying practices
-A system to streamline the bid and solicitation process
-Initial format letter of invitation to bid
-Negotiation of defined, verifiable bid pricing or cost plus programs
-Negotiation of locked prices on your heaviest volume items
-Contract development and signing
-Award notification and state regulation adherence
-Implementation of agreed upon program(s)
-Quarterly electronic audit of program adherence
-Training of your personnel to insure program adherence
-Yearly re-bid setup and process
-A system of rebate development, tracking and application for all applicable manufacturer's
-A method of controlling the distributor, their service and their markups
-The development of a distribution relationship that is mutually beneficial
-A contract that your Distributor's of choice can live with and will work hard to maintain

We will not provide a buyer, nutritionist or order placement person; you will still need these individuals to place and receive orders. They will now, however, know what to look for and how to execute the contract to your benefit. In addition, they will be educated on the benefits of working within a contractual agreement and the rights that come with that contract, to insure that you are receiving all that you have contracted for.

You will get:

- A lower cost of goods
- A streamlined bid process
- Guaranteed markups
- Control of Your contract
- A contract we design based on your needs
- Knowledge of changing market prices in advance
- Price protection
- Fixed contract costs on your top velocity items
- Program adherence with quarterly audits
- Brand specific products
- The ability to choose products according to you specifications, not your distributor's
- Rebates and coupon participation and tracking
- The ability to choose the distributor or distributors of your choice
- The ability to work together with your distributor to expand benefits to both parties

Simply stated - you will know what you are paying for each product, and what products will be delivered to your back door at all times.

You will not get:

- Overcharges
- Surprises at time of delivery
- Undefined, ambiguous contracts
- A contract designed to cloud the true price of goods
- Private label substitutions that yield less servings
- Padded orders
- Padded costs
- Unauthorized substitutions
- Unauthorized products

The choice is yours; you may continue to operate with a cumbersome outdated bid process that creates a system where you pay too much for the products that comprise the lion's share of your purchases. Or you can grab hold of your bid and award process and have confidence in the fact that you have control of your pricing, products and your distribution relationship. Developing a streamlined bid process and contractual agreements can and will save your organization time, effort and a great deal of money.

Food Service Negotiator
Mark W. Llobell & Associates
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