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Let's Get Started!

The starting point for The FSN program is only a phone call away, just pick up a phone and call us and we will get the ball rolling.

Step One:
Schedule an introductory overview and fact finding analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your present distribution program and explore the opportunities available.

Step Two:
Schedule a meeting with your key personnel to determine your desired course of action and discuss how the team will implement our plan as well as discuss the time line for implementation.

Step Three:
Gather the information needed, this will include copies of all programs in place including distribution and rebate agreements as well as velocity reports, to determine our volume contract opportunities.

Step Four:
Identify the Distributors and Manufacturers that are capable of earning your business and start the process of contacting them and soliciting bids for your organization.
We will work closely with the Distribution and Manufacturing community to use your volume to drive down the costs of your heaviest volume items and obtain locked prices for a contracted period of time. This time will also be used to handle product cuttings as well as designing the product selection and matching processes.

Step Five:
Select Distributors and Manufacturers based on response of RFP (Request For Proposal) and quality of goods and services offered.

Step Six:
Program roll out and implementation of agreed upon product and pricing contracts.

Step Seven:
Program audit and adherence reviews as well as the continued effort to contract and consolidate goods and services designed to drive down the cost of inbound products.

Contact Us To Get Started Today!

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